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Pulping Papermaking and Environment Science

As the governmental owned R&D center forintegrationof forest and papermaking, this division has concentrated onfundamentaland applicationresearches, includingassessmentof pulping suitability ofagriculturaland forestry fiber resources, clean and highyieldpulping process innovation, high efficiency treatmenttechniquesfor pulping effluent and conversion/refinery oflingo-cellulosic biomass and so on. Especially, the division has beenknownas the national level of innovation center for those fields as high-yield pulping, effluent treatment and specific key equipment development as well. Through thepast30 years, this group has been undertaking large number of national research projects and international cooperation projects. And the group has created series oftechnicalprocess and key equipment. Even many whole process designs have beensuccessfully transferredto relative industries, resulting in great promotion of China’s forest pulp-paper industry. Furthermore, the division has established relationship with many famous research institutions and universities at home and abroad by joint project and exchange of scholars.

*Research areas

(1)Assessmentand evaluation of fiber resources for pulping;

(2)R&D on emerging clean and high efficiency pulping technologies;

(3)R&D on high efficiency and low cost treatmenttechniquesfor pulping effluent;

(4)R&D on conversion and utilization technologies oflingo-cellulosic biomass;

(5)Design, technical modification andcommissioning runs service for pulping and effluent treatment lines;

(6)Development of pulping chemicals and key pulping equipment and online testing instruments;

(7)Authorizedlaboratory for inspection and testing forfibrousraw materials and pulp/paper products.

*Technical services

(1)To provide design service for clean pulping engineering;

(2)To provide design service for effluent treatment plant;

(3)To provide process optimization andcommissioningruns service for pulping and effluent treatment lines;

(4)To supply self-produced effluent treatment chemicals and providetechnicalservice in site;

(5)To develop and design key equipment for pulping and effluent treatmentengineering;

(6)To supply technician and management personnel training program.

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